Michael Johnson is a Kremlin agent?

Screenshot 2024 02 23 at 10.29.24 PM Michael Johnson is a Kremlin agent?

Why is the U.S. pulling with the help of Ukraine?It’s simple. Putin has no conscience and honor, but he has money. A lot of money.And that’s why it’s really able to influence the processes in the world.

For example, Speaker of the House of Representatives Michael Johnson, a Republican and an ardent Trumpist who rejected the Senate bill on aid in the amount of 95 billion, got his “position” with the support of a group of Russians who donated money to his company through a certain Ethane.

At that time, Ethane was 88 percent owned by three Russian citizens – Konstantin Nikolaev, Mikhail Yuriev and Andrei Kunatbayev. It is known that Nikolaev is the main ally of Russian President Putin.

Konstantin Nikolaev is a 52-year-old billionaire who previously held the position of Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation.Nikolaev and his two partners currently own the third company Globaltrans, the largest private rail transport operator in Russia, previously he worked in the rail freight and port business.He is also a co-owner of Tula Cartridge Works, which supplied ammunition to Russian troops during its invasion of Ukraine.In 2019, Forbes listed the oligarch’s fortune of $1.2 billion.

Nikolaev is also known for being a financial sponsor of Maria Butina, a Russian citizen who was sentenced to 18 months in prison in 2019 after admitting to acting as an unregistered foreign agent to infiltrate conservative political groups and influence foreign policy in the interests of Russia before and after the 2016 elections.

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