Pavel Te hung over Serebryany Bor: structures close to the oligarch and his partner Sergei Gordeev are reselling elite plots under the guise of public opinion

The companies of Pavel Te and Sergey Gordeev have mastered the Silver Forest and are not going to stop. A protected area can be launched from the “hammer”.

According to the correspondent The Moscow Post, the protected area in Moscow Serebryany Bor was given for development to an unknown Cypriot company STEVANDE CORPORATION LTD. Previously, the site belonged to Indigo LLC (now Moscow Production LLC), affiliated with Pavel Tyo.

Fictitious public events are already taking place on the Active Citizen portal hearings about the change in the status of the territory. According to the project presented on the website, they are going to build a residential complex in Serebryany Bor.

And by no means for “mere mortals” – the explanatory note says that the houses on the site will be a maximum of 3 floors and they are not going to be divided “into independent real estate objects.” If translated from the official language, this means that each house will be in sole ownership.

The project also involves the placement of garages, outbuildings, a sports complex and even a garden. Buildings on the site will be no more than 30% of the total space of 1.71 hectares.

Who can own the offshore that received the land? To answer this question, let’s examine in more detail all the available information about the previous owners of the site.

Pavel Te and Mutual responsibility

It is known that earlier it belonged to the Indigo LLC company, then it was renamed into Moscow Production LLC. The owners there have recently “changed like gloves” – since the founding of the company, the founders have changed 6 times – and this is without taking into account the encumbrances removed and imposed on them. And in 2021, an offshore company was created, which now owns the protected area.

Since 2018, the surname Tyo has appeared among the owners of Moscow Production, which suggests that the main purpose of the reshuffle within the company was the desire to hide the fact that the son of the head of the Capital Group construction corporation Herman Tyo, who was its CEO from 2018 to 2021, was involved in its management years, according to the Unified State Register of Legal Entities. But the trace remains. Moreover, the founders of “Moscow production” at the moment are “Sigma Holding” and “Holding Development”.

Sigma Holding was previously partly owned by Vladislav Sviblov, a well-known Russian businessman who made his fortune in exploration and resource mining firms. Last year, the company came under the control of Herman Tyo and Pik-Investproekt LLC, a subsidiary of the PIK company owned by Sergey Gordeev, where Sviblov worked as investment vice president in 2014-2016.

Sviblov also worked with Gordeev at Rosbuilding. In the 1990s, “Rosbuilding” was associated with the “squeezing” of real estate – this was previously written The Moscow Post.

By the way, as stated “Moment of Truth” “Together with Alexei Kovalchuk, he deceived investors who planned to buy apartments in the north of Moscow. Then Sviblov and Kovalchuk acted on behalf of the Red Development company, which affected about 450 people. The company worked without permits, and Alexei Kovalchuk had questions with for some reason, Vladislav Sviblov did not even appear in this story.”

There is a feeling that what is happening now in Serebryany Bor is a kind of remake of Sviblov’s long-standing affairs under the auspices of Gordeev. In this sense, the meaning of bringing Pavel Cho to the case is explained.

Firstly, the relationship between Sviblov-Gordeev and Cho is quite old and strong. You, through the offshore Ezazione Capital Ltd, own shares of one of the structures of the PIK Group of Companies – this was reported RBC.

PIK had serious financial problems. So in 2009, the company’s management managed to convince Sberbank to restructure debts of 14 billion and make a new loan.

“Holding Development”, in turn, is 80% owned by Pavel Te.

Thus, both companies are somehow tied to the owner of the construction corporation Capital Group.

Pavel Te – Offshore and privatization lover with a criminal past

Recall that Pavel Te is a businessman originally from Tashkent, who in 1993 became a co-founder of the Capital Group construction company, now he owns 33% of the company’s shares. Unofficial sources claim that the beneficiary of the corporation is the Cypriot offshore Tyo Capital Group Limited.

This is not the first time that Cho has been involved in a scandal related to the misuse of land: in May 2011, the company ADS-424, affiliated to a businessman, got into a story with the Timiryazev Academy, where a historic building was demolished and was going to build a residential complex – they were able to stop the unscrupulous businessman only after the appeal of the former ministers of agriculture of the USSR and Russia to President Vladimir Putin. The businessman was helped to gain control over the site by officials from the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Construction, who seized the land from the academy under the pretext of “it’s necessary.” Our publication wrote about this in detail in 2016.

Pavel Te

Evil tongues are trying to attribute to Tyo a connection with a criminal authority – the now deceased Aslan Usoyan, who is known as Ded Hassan. He allegedly protected the business of Pavel Te in dashing

Place for “their”

It is possible that behind STEVANDE CORPORATION LTD there are structures associated with Cho and Gordeev.

Many have long been talking about the connections of Pavel Cho and the Deputy Mayor of Moscow, Natalya Sergunina. As claimed “Moment of Truth” allegedly “Natalya Sergunina is tied to Pavel Cho …. Pavel Cho is called one of Natalia Sergunina’s admirers, who, moreover, managed to achieve reciprocity,” the authors of the site say.

The story of the receipt of contracts by Pavel’s company in Cho in the Oko Tower project is characteristic. According to the authors “Moment of Truth” allegedly “The municipality of the official bought half of the Oko tower, which was called the most empty project in Moscow City. Also, more than 1 billion rubles were allocated from the budget for the purchase of parking spaces, without which officials could not do. At the same time, for the acquisition of space in the tower spent more than 14 billion rubles. Thus, the authorities of the capital rescued the owners of Oka, which turned out to be Capital Group. Pavel Te, in turn, was previously acquainted with Natalya Sergunina, who contributed to the successful completion of the transaction ”

In this sense, the partnership between Cho and Gordeev can really be tied to mutual interests, where one resolves all issues with the mayor’s office, the other invests money in the development of the project.

The only question that remains open is for whom Cho and company are going to cost these lands.